April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Review

april skin magic snow cushion review

The entire cushion foundation bandwagon has taken the world by storm! With cushion foundations poppin’ left and right; from drugstore brands to high-end brands, it’s quite true that finding the best one to suit you has become extra difficult. As an avid fan of the whole Korean culture and a true Korean makeup aficionado, I have tried countless cushion foundations available in the market. When the Korean brand April Skin started making rounds in the internet and the hype over its cushion foundation has become immense, I knew I had to get my hands on it and try it myself. Is the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion SPF 50+ indeed worth the hype? Please keep reading!



The packaging isn’t fancy as how most Korean cosmetic brands do it. The April Skin Magic Snow Cushion SPF 50+ has a very MAC feel to it with its sleek matte black packaging. The good thing about this cushion though is that it’s quite slim and compact – unlike most cushion foundations that are terribly bulky. This one is very travel-friendly, I must say!

april skin magic snow cushion review - packaging
Slim & compact packaging

Like the usual cushion foundations, this one comes with a nice, soft air puff. The puff that comes with it is very delicate onto the skin and it gives that perfect airbrushed finish.

april skin magic snow cushion review - foundation

See that white area on the upper left corner over there? That’s the bare cushion! When I got this cushion from April Skin and opened it, the cushion isn’t soaked in foundation yet – quite different from most cushion foundations out there. April Skin’s cushion is bare white and the foundation only surfaces once the cushion gets pressed. On the official website it says that it uses a double cushion technology to make sure that its moisture is preserved. It means, the foundation itself is in between two cushions rather than the usual which soaks only one.

The cushion is full of foundation and it’s something that can be easily seen. Just a light press against the cushion and an ample amount of foundation will come out. Personally, I only need three gentle presses to cover my entire face and neck.


Texture & Finish

April Skin’s Magic Snow Cushion features a full coverage, semi-matte finish. Here’s a quick coverage test for you to see how well it covers.

april skin magic snow cushion review - coverage test


april skin magic snow cushion review - coverage test
Applied a single layer using the puff


april skin magic snow cushion review - full coverage
Shade used: #21 Light Beige

It only took me one layer to achieve this coverage. Well, I must say I am impressed! As you can see on the series of photos above, the coverage is quite heavy and while the finish looks more matte on the photo, the finish offers a bit of dewiness to it. It’s not entirely flat matte but it’s not too glossy as well. To perfectly describe it, the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion SPF 50+ has a semi-matte finish with a hydrating formulation.


How April Skin Magic Snow Cushion looks on the face

We know that it might look differently on the face versus on how it looks like at the back of our hands. Our face has natural oils which greatly contribute to the finish and overall performance of the product. To give you an idea, I have very oily skin and the hot and humid weather isn’t my friend. When the heat hits to a whopping degree, it makes my face oil up terribly. In addition, I have acne scars and red spots to cover as well. In the next photo, I’ll show you my bare skin sans any makeup and my skin after a single layer of April Skin’s Magic Snow Cushion.

april skin magic snow cushion review - before after

The “Before” photo shows my bare skin. I only applied a tiny bit of moisturiser as what I always do prior to putting any makeup on. The “After” photo is after applying one layer of April Skin’s Magic Snow Cushion. The cushion is true to its claims! It offers exceptional coverage and as you can see on the photo, my skin is all evened out. All my red and brown spots are covered! I can say I’d skip concealer with this, to be honest.

Despite its heavy coverage, the cushion itself is pretty lightweight. It didn’t give me that heavy makeup feeling. The cushion almost feels like second skin and I think it’s because of its moisturising properties. It sets on the skin pretty well and it does not highlight the dry patches that I have near my jaw line


The Final Verdict


  • Lightweight and very hydrating
  • Offers full coverage without caking
  • A little goes a long way
  • Contains a generous amount of foundation
  • Lasts 5 to 6 hours on oily skin under hot and humid weather
  • It gives a very flawless “Korean Glow” finish.
  • The puff included is of very high quality hence, making the foundation easy to blend.
  • Affordable


  • The floral scent can be a bit overwhelming to those sensitive to fragrance (it fades away after around 10 minutes.)
  • Limited colour selection (only available in three light shades)

So yes, the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion SPF 50+ is definitely worth the hype! Overall, I would personally recommend this to people who love a full coverage foundation without the dull matte finish. It is also great for people with oily skin for it controls sebum pretty well; therefore making the foundation last the entire day.

april skin magic snow cushion review - authenticity sticker
April Skin’s authenticity sticker

Before we wrap up this April Skin Magic Snow Cushion review, I have to mention about April Skin’s authenticity sticker. The brand has become quite famous because of its amazing products. This is why some fakes have made their way to the market. Make sure you check the box and look for the gold holographic authenticity sticker. This is why buying from trusted merchants is very important. Let’s not risk our health with fake ones!

Have you tried April Skin’s Magic Cushion before? What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments section below!


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