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So you’re at the age where you are starting to dabble in beauty products and make-up. You’ve heard the horror stories of rashes, breakouts, wrinkles and worse outcomes that WILL happen if you don’t start taking care of your skin – Mother (amongst many other people) told you so. You start surfing through the internet, asking your parents, siblings, friends for advice.

Bombarded by the amount of choices, you throw your hands up in the air in frustration. And then you decide – you know what? SK-II is a famous brand used by millions of people around the world. Surely it would be a great, reliable way to kick-start your journey into improving or just preserving your skin condition (if you are young and lucky). Now the question is: Where should you buy SK-II products in Singapore from?


1. SK-II Counters @ Shopping Malls

Buy SK-II Products in Singapore - SK-II Counter
SK-II Robinsons Orchard Counter

The obvious no-brainer choice. In fact, you probably SHOULD visit these counters at least once. Not only would those lovely, experienced ladies tell you all about their brand’s specialty products, they can also advise you on what to buy based on your skin condition. How do they know your skin condition, you wonder? Why, through this nifty machine of course!


Buy SK-II Products in Singapore - SK-II Magic Ring
SK-II Magic Ring

This, my dear, will make you the next Ironwoman is the SK-II Magic Ring. Just by scanning your face, it will be able to identify your Skin Age, give you a brief summary on the results in a diagram, and suggest areas of improvement (by means of their products of course). While it is no doubt an exciting venture into the unknown, the experience will likely get old after the next few times. In addition, if one wants to buy SK-II products in Singapore, it cannot possibly get any more genuine than getting it straight from the SK-II counters.

However, as with all the positives, there are some negatives as well. Blasphemy, you cry? Alas, I regret to inform you that it is all true my dear. For one, as the SK-II ladies only sell their own products, it may be difficult to get advice on products from other brands that are not biased.

In addition, as those Lovely Ladies are saleswomen at the end of the day, they will no doubt recommend many, many products to you when all you wanted was to buy SK-II products in Singapore. Your conversation after the SK-II Magic Ring test will no doubt end up being along the lines of “You should definitely get this“, “This is also good for you“, “I also recommend this“, “We are having a promotion where if you get this and this, we will give you this at this price / FOC”. They may mean well of course, but depending on the health of your wallet, you may not be looking to buy so many recommendations… yet. If that happens, well. We have learnt that famous move from the Penguins at Madagascar haven’t we?


Buy SK-II in Singapore - Penguins Madagascar


TLDR: Great if you are visiting for the first few times and need advice from THE Professionals



  • Free Skin Analysis (Magic Ring)
  • Great advice from Lovely Ladies trained by SK-II
  • 100% Genuine Products (No duh!)


  • Overwhelmed by recommendations
  • Cannot compare prices / effectiveness with other products



2. Sephora

Buy SK-II Products in Singapore - Sephora Ion Orchard
Sephora at Ion Orchard

Bright, clean, beautiful and spacious, Sephora carries TONS of brands. Sephora is no doubt one of THE local hotspots for skincare, cosmetics and makeup. The great thing about this is that you would be able to compare the skincare products from various brands. In addition, it is highly likely that there will be someone who will know something about some brand or another. Sephora’s prices for SK-II products are unlikely to deviate much, if at all, from the retail prices as found in the SK-II counters.

Due to high traffic, it may be difficult for Sephora’s customer service to give their full attention to you, especially during peak hours and weekends. Furthermore, if you are looking to try out their testers, you might find it a tad unhygienic because it has likely been used by many other people over a few weeks…


TLDR: Awesome variety, but you may not get much attention during peak hours. Also, because it is such a high-traffic place, those testers may have seen a lot more action than you would like… 



  • Many other brands to compare with
  • Someone will know something about some brand


  • Not much attention given to you at peak hours
  • Testers might be unhygienic


3. Changi Airport

Buy SK-II Products in Singapore - SK-II Pitera Lounge Changi Airport
SK-II Pitera Lounge at Changi Airport

As we all know, our very own Changi Airport is Duty Free! This makes it a promising location to buy SK-II products in Singapore because it is cheaper than those sold at SK-II counters and Sephora, plus we know that it is 100% confirm plus chop genuine.

There is a catch, however. SK-II products at Changi Airport can ONLY be bought inside the departure hall. So unless you have a boarding pass… you can’t buy it.


TLDR: You can’t buy SK-II at Changi Airport unless you have a boarding pass – period. 



  • Duty FREE!
  • Sold cheaper than at SK-II counter and Sephora


  • You can’t buy if you’re not travelling


4. Sasa/Beauty Language

Buy SK-II Products in Singapore - Sasa Outlet Jurong Point
Sasa outlet at Jurong Point
Buy SK-II Products in Singapore - Beauty Language Northpoint
Beauty Language at Northpoint

Sasa and Beauty Language are two of the cheaper alternatives to buy SK-II products in Singapore – that’s what intensive searches on the internet and word of mouth would tell you. Seems like as we go down the list, we’re recommending cheaper places to buy SK-II products in Singapore. These are shops that sell a variety of products at cheaper prices – which are easy on the wallet. Beauty Language even has an Android App on the Google Play Store.

That’s all well and good, but exactly which SK-II products do they sell? Well, you would have to stare at their website, look for a store near you, and finally enter the store to find out. The disadvantage is that you don’t know if what you want to buy is sold in their store until you enter it or ask their salespeople. In fact, if you were just looking at their website, you wouldn’t even know they sold SK-II products!


TLDR: They sell SK-II products a lot cheaper than other retail stores. 



  • Cheaper deals
  • Wide variety of brands to compare with


  • You have to go down yourself to make sure they sell what you want
  • Testers might be somewhat unhygienic


5. Online

In this digital age, people are increasingly looking to online platforms for their shopping needs. From clothes and accessories to toiletries and groceries, a large variety of goods are available on the web.  Examples of these platforms include marketplaces like Qoo10, Lazada, eBay and Carousell – we’re pretty sure that you must have heard of them.

Skincare products such as SK-II are not exempted from this wave of online shopping too. And why would it be? To buy SK-II products in Singapore online is so much cheaper and more convenient than going down to a physical store. It’s easy to check on online stores if stock is available so it would never be a ‘wasted trip’. Not to mention that time saved could be used for better activities – like watching Korean dramas like Descendants of the Sun or doing your midnight shopping at Mustafa.

Of course, buying products online comes with its own risks. As you can’t try the product beforehand, you might get a fake product when it comes, or you might even get nothing at all. Then there are times where you find a nice retailer but they are gone the next time you need the product again. Then you might find someone selling genuine products – albeit with poor customer service. Oh my! It is really difficult to find a trustworthy retailer amongst the crowd.


TLDR: Buying SK-II products online is cheaper, but buy at your own risk. Or find a trustworthy seller you can get along with. 



  • So much cheaper!
  • No need to travel to buy (as Singaporeans say – where got time?)


  • Finding a trustworthy seller is hard
  • Cannot try the product beforehand
  • Don’t know if product is authentic
  • Take at least 2-3 working days or more to receive products


6. Beureka


beureka acid square logo

And then there’s us! If you are looking for someone trustworthy who isn’t looking to just make a quick buck and run away, why not give us a shot? Beureka might just turn out to be your favourite avenue to buy SK-II products in Singapore. I’m sure you don’t need to hear it, but it still needs to be said that our products are 100% genuine and we have friendly customer service staff who don’t bite. We even reply enquiries during the weekends!

We are also constantly checking the product prices of our online competitors so our prices see constant revision. In addition, we are also branching out to the various different online platforms. Right now, our products are available in Qoo10, Lazada and Shopee.

Unfortunately, we are bound by the restrictions of e-commerce as well. Thus, your product will still take about 2-3 days to arrive, unless your office building is the same as ours (we do have such orders!). Finally, we may not have a lot of brands under our belt… yet. This is mainly due to the vast amount of makeup, cosmetic and skincare brands out there – we are still deciding what is good to bring in. It is always amusing when the office ladies get excited over the latest shipment of Laneige. We sell perfumes too, so once in a while the office will be filled with different perfume scents.


TLDR: Buying SK-II products online is cheaper, but buy at your own risk. Or find a trustworthy seller you can get along with. 



  • Competitive prices
  • Available on many platforms
  • 100% genuine products
  • Nice, responsive customer service staff


  • Take 2-3 working days to receive product
  • Not many brands under our belt yet


Ending Note

That’s all folks! Know of any other places to buy SK-II products in Singapore and want to share it with the rest of the Beureka community? Simply comment in the box below or drop us a message.

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