COSRX Good Morning Low-pH Gel Cleanser Review

COSRX Good Morning Low-pH Gel Cleanser Review featured

No matter how simple or complicated someone’s skin care regime is, you would definitely find cleansers within the routine… Even if you don’t follow through with toning, moisturising, etc, you can always count on a cleanser to remove the dirt and grime on your face (especially after a day out in our weather).

For me, I use the COSRX Good Morning low pH gel cleanser occasionally in the mornings, and there’s a lot to shout out about it!

COSRX Good Morning Low-pH Gel Cleanser Review

Before I go on, here’s a quick explanation of what pH is and why our skin’s pH is important…


pH and what does it mean?

pH (or the potential of Hydrogen) is a measure of acidity and alkalinity of a solution on a scale from 1 to 14. Values below 7 indicates acidity (1 being the most acidic) while anything above 7 indicates alkalinity (14 being the most alkaline).


Why your skin’s pH is important?

Too low or high a skin pH = breakouts

According to this post by Xonecole, the goal is to have a skin pH of 5.5 because many of us use products that increase the acidity of our skin which causes irritated, hypersensitive, acne prone or dry skin. In a nutshell, too low or high a skin pH = breakouts.


So why use a low pH cleanser?

Most cleansers lean toward the alkaline spectrum, and research says that using alkaline cleansers can either dry out your skin, cause more breakouts, and even make you feel that tight, unpleasant feeling of overwashed skin. Besides let’s face it (no pun intended), no one ever likes that feeling.



COSRX Good Morning Low-pH Gel Cleanser Review - consistency

This is a gel cleanser that foams into a gentle lather. I squeeze a dime-sized amount onto my palm, rub both hands together for about 3 seconds to create a nice lather before massaging my face in circular motions.



I personally like the scent of this cleanser because it has a pleasant and clean smell of tea tree oil. If you’re not that into that type of scents, fret not because the almost medicinal smell doesn’t linger long and goes away after rinsing off. 

Thanks to its skin friendly pH of 5.5, this cleanser is great for all skin types, although I feel oily/acne prone skin types will benefit more as it contains tea tree oil which controls oily skin and shrinks pore sizes!

On the other hand, I’ve also read reviews that claim this product is also great at removing makeup. However, I personally wouldn’t use this as a makeup remover since I am currently in a makeup-removing relationship with Banila Co’s Clean It Zero which has officially changed my life (more on that another time).



Priced at S$11 for 150ml of product, this gel cleanser would probably last you about six months and I’m being generous here! A little goes a long way with this as you only need a small amount for your entire face and neck. I’ve had mine for about 3-4 months and I’m barely halfway through. As I mentioned before, I only use a dime-sized amount, and that’s more than enough for my big face (which has often been compared to the moon or a pancake).



To be honest, I don’t consider myself to have acne prone skin. I definitely used to when I was younger, but the problem seemed to go away on its own (bye puberty!). However I bought this for the sole purpose of my bacne (acne on my back) because I thought that if it worked for acne on the face, why not the back? The result? So far so good! The occasional bacne still pops up once in awhile, but it’s definitely better than before.

I choose to use this product on mornings where I wake up with little bumps on my face since tea tree oil is also known to soothe breakouts.

All in all, this cleanser definitely does a good job in making my skin (both face and back) feel nicely cleansed and refreshed after each use. Will I repurchase? Definitely!


Have you used COSRX Good Morning low pH gel cleanser before too? What kind of cleansers do you use in your daily routine? I would love to know your thoughts – simply use the comment box below!

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