SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Review

SK-II Top 5 Essential Products

The first thing that comes to mind: Is this much-raved about product really that great? Does it work? Will it #changedestiny? Here, we set off to find out if the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence worth the hype!

Most of us girls may remember watching several of SK-II‘s ads in between shows and wonder – what is this Miracle Water? I’ve always remembered the radiant, luminous skin of SK-II’s chosen models; and how their fingers slid down smoothly on their bare, naked faces. Back then, I’m sure having a skincare regime is the last thing we’d have on our minds. I believe, there is no ‘right’ time to embark on a skincare regime, it all starts when you are ready to begin.


First impression, the packaging:

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 160ml

The bottle comes in a maroon red box, with a slight shimmer effect adding to the luxurious effect of the brand. Easy to follow instructions on how to use the Facial Treatment Essence is printed on the side of the box, allowing for a quick guide to using it effectively!

Upon opening up the box, it reveals a bright, reflective cap and gorgeous, smooth frosted glass for the body. A translucent SK-II authenticity tape is found at the back of the bottle, plastered in between the cap and the body. This really puts my heart at ease that the bottle has not been tampered with. Keep in mind that peeling off the tape leaves a gooey residue and you might have to rub it away with a wet cloth!


Second, the texture:

We all know that most SK-II products contains their most important ingredient: Pitera. Containing a myriad of minerals, vitamins, organic and amino acids, Pitera has been known to lead to youthful and improving the appearance of skin.

Tilting the bottle at an angle, blot the Essence against a piece of cotton pad. The essence has a sheer yellow amber tinge, and smells slightly sour (although it may differ from person to person how strong the smell is.) I’d recommend to go to departmental stores and do a scent test.

Rubbing it into the palm of my hand, I gently pat the lightweight formula onto a small portion of my face. The formula feels light, just like water, and does not feel thick on the skin at all! It may take a few days or even weeks for you to distinguish the the condition of your skin and its eventual results.


Lastly, the conclusion:

I have been using Facial Treatment Essence for four months now and needless to say, it has significantly improved the condition of my skin. I used to suffer from bad acne outbreaks, they would pop out at least twice a week and it did take a toll on my self confidence. Now, friends have started complimenting me and asking me about the skincare products I’ve used – and honestly, it’s been SK-II.

I understand that the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence may not work for everyone, but it definitely has worked wonders for some of us on the Beureka team!

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