Where to Buy Laneige Products in Singapore

Where to Buy Laneige Products in Singapore

If you are a fan of K-beauty products, then you would have definitely tried at least a few products from Laneige. Famous for their Water Skincare line (think Water Sleeping Mask and the Water Bank series), Laneige has always been one of the hottest Korean Beauty brands in Singapore due to its high quality products.

With the recent overwhelming success of Descendants of the Sun, featuring brand ambassador Song Hye Kyo, a lot of buzz was generated around the Laneige products that were shown on-screen (the Two-Toned Lipstick in particular was received very favourably). The brand’s increased popularity then spilled over onto other products that were also endorsed by Song Hye Kyo, leading to an increase in Laneige products across the board.

So where should you go to if you want to buy Laneige products in Singapore? Scroll down for the Top 4 places we think you should definitely buy the much-talked-about Laneige products from.


1. Laneige Stores & Counters

where to buy laneige products in singapore - laneige suntec city

Laneige stores and counters bring in the largest range of products, including the newly released products. Korean brands as a whole are still rather young, so this is something that only specialty stores will be able to do with little risk. Even online retailers are not very likely to have the full range of products in their warehouse – the possibility of it not selling well and expiring in the warehouse is too high a risk to accept.

As it is a specialty shop, the salesperson will be able to answer any question you have regarding their brand’s products. This is something that no other shop, online or offline, will be able to do – provide in depth knowledge on Laneige products (Duh!). The best any other retailer will be able to do is to reply with ‘maybe’ and ‘probably’, which is not as good as the firm assurances the salesperson in Laneige can give you. On the off chance that their recommendations are off, it is more likely that they will be able to do something else for you (maybe a discount on the next purchase or some other recommendations?).

Club Laneige members also enjoy a 20% discount on their birthday month. Hurray for discounts!


2. Sephora

Where to Buy Laneige Products in Singapore - sephora nex

Sephora is big and crowded enough that you can shop in peace. If you are one of those people who hate being approached by shop assistants, you may find it easier to shop in Sephora. It is precisely because they are big and often in high-traffic areas that it is not that likely for someone to approach you.

Any shopper who loves shopping in peace knows that the following three steps are crucial:

1. Avoid making eye contact with anyone.

2. Know exactly what you want to buy

3. Earphones.

Sephora membership privileges. Enjoy various discounts, based on your membership level. For Sephora Black members, every 250 points earned becomes one 10% OFF voucher for your next purchase at Sephora. This is really nice since you can earn points every time you buy something – and Singaporeans just love points. For more information, check out their website.


3. Changi Airport

Where to Buy Laneige Products in Singapore - The Shilla Changi Airport

DUTY-FREE. Everyone knows that products sold at Changi Airport are duty-free. For Laneige products, you don’t even need a departure ticket – you can buy them from The Shilla in the PUBLIC AREA! Woo Hoo!

Yeah well, that’s pretty much the only reason you would get them from the Airport. Especially if you live in the West of Singapore, not too convenient eh?


4. Beureka

Our prices are way cheaper than retail. At Beureka, we aim to spread the joy of experiencing beauty products. Thus, we lower our selling price as much as possible. It is not uncommon to see our products listed as the lowest-priced on platforms such as Qoo10, Lazada, and Shopee.

We are a trusted site. In the first half of this year alone, we have had over 6000 customers in Singapore. If our products were fake, it is highly unlikely that we would even reach 1000 customers. Our Laneige products come straight from suppliers in Korea – which is why restocking might take a while.

Timesale & Coupons. Are you a member of Qoo10? We often hold timesales and give coupons to our followers so that they can keep their wallet fat while increasing their number of beauty products. Selected popular products also tend to undergo a period of sales in Shopee, and our smart customers always utilize the coupons given as well.

You don’t have to step out of your house. Buy our products via the internet and we will deliver them to you!


We’re sure you’ve noticed, but this list applies to all the other Korean brands as well. As a rule of thumb, brand counters and their stores, Sephora, and our Changi Airport are really hot physical stores in Singapore that you should buy your products from, although their range of Korean beauty brands are limited. If you prefer a cheaper, online alternative, we welcome you to shop with us!

On a parting note, we’ve brought in the up-and-coming brands April Skin and Forencos, and will slowly bring the hot Korean beauty brands into Singapore so our customers will be able to benefit from it. Are there any other K-beauty brands you would like us to carry? We look forward to your message in the box below or via email.

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