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SANOSAN Mama Stretch Mark Fader

SANOSAN Mama Stretch Mark Fader

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SANOSAN Mama Stretch Mark Fader

Growing a baby is not easy – the entire body has to prepare itself for nourishing and nurturing a tiny being. And the skin doesn‘t escape undamaged. The intense stretching of the tissue causes small tears in the lower layers of the skin. Reddish blue streaks appear on the surface of the skin, showing the blood vessels below.

Changing and adapting your skin during pregnancy. The fat cells and collagen fibers in the connective tissue lie parallel to each other in women, while in men they are more firmly connected. This is the only way to allow the abdomen to grow and give the baby enough space.

From a medical point of view, stretch marks are a type of scar. They often appear on the abdomen, thighs, hips or bottom. Weak connective tissue, hormonal changes and personal predisposition make stretch marks more likely. Stretch marks are actually signs that your body knows exactly what it needs to do. After all, during pregnancy, hormonal changes cause the connective tissue to loosen in order to help your body accommodate your growing baby.

Do you already have pregnancy-related stretch marks? That’s a pity, but no big deal. Sanosan's highly effective Stretch Mark Fader has demonstrable results – proven by a clinical study carried out in France!*

With regular use, the active fluid with SynMat™ reduces the width and depth of stretch marks, causing them to fade.

*Average after 56 days of application on 13 women


Benefits of the formulation:

- Highly effective fluid for the successful treatment of stretch marks

- Free from paraffin oil, dyes, silicones and parabens

- 90% ingredients of natural origin (according to ISO Standard 16128) - Proven to reduce the average depth of stretch marks by 72%*

- Reduces the width by 26%*

- Reduces discoloration by 21%*

- Reduces roughness by 21%*

- The formulation with collagen and elastin keeps tissue firm and supple

- Clinically tested – proven skin compatibility


Size: 75ML

How to use: Using circular motions, massage the active fluid into the affected areas of skin every morning and night.




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